Natural Language Understanding API - MRC

Customers can ask questions and MRC API finds the answer directly from the documents.

Reduce Costs from Day One
Automate an average of 72% of all monthly support tickets within the first 4 months of implementation.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Let our AI solve simple requests and free up your agents’ time to take care of the rest.

Boost Employee Productivity
Let your workforce ask questions in a conversational way to find an answer in thousands of user manuals, policy documents and other text documents - without the need for keyword overlap.


Use Case

In-House Help Desk
Alli responds to staff inquiries about general affairs, human resources, accounting, information systems, sales support, etc. This decreases unnecessary support exchanges and reduces the amount of human labor required to address them.
Customer Support
Alli responds to inquiries from customers. By reducing the number of phone and e-mail inquiries requiring human attention this decreases support agent man-hours while improving customer satisfaction.


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