Natural Language Understanding API - Review

This API automatically converts user’s natural language review data to measurable metrics.

Use Case

Allganize's Review Analysis uses NLP–machine learning to “scans texts written by consumers and learns what they are saying about your products and product attributes in addition to brand health.
How it works?
Review Analyzer identifies recurring themes and topics in comments and reivews. Allows retailers to understand how their customers feel without having to read every reviews individually.


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Input Text

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This is the oldest pub in downtown you can feel the atmosphere of 90-s. Truly decorated, the food and drinks is fine. Nice place to go with friends.
I really recommend this place to everyone! The atmosphere was friendly, the staff was nice and the food was very good. We had chicken pasta and roasted chicken for main courses served with homemade bread. Also, the starters and desserts were tasty. We would definitely visit the place again.
We have been there with family. Firstly, the owner is very rude person. And the waiter is unkind. Secondly, service is terrible. Meals are cold, and I am sure that it has to be hot! I never advise to eat in this place because of dirty. It was bad experience for us.
So disappointed! This restaurant has been a family tradition for quite a few years, but this year's experience caused us to go to a second restaurant for dinner. The service was terrible and the quality of the food was very poor.
This is a fabulous restaurant. The sushi was really fresh and tasty. Our waiter was the ultimate professional. He explained in every detail what we were ordering. Go there, it’s Just Great.
예제를 선택해 주세요
목부분 원단이 늘어나서 교환 받았는데 원단 특성상 어쩔수 없다고 하네요 ㅠ.. 그래도 옷은 이쁘고 잘어울려서 잘산거 같아요 ! ㅎㅎㅎ
주머니부분이 좀 과할 줄 알았는데 전혀 그렇지 않고요. 니트 소재인데 보풀 없고 겨울에 입기 딱 좋을 듯 해요~~ 길이도 사이즈 다 잘맞고 잘 어울리네요..!
굿굿 가격 저렴하고 재질도 완전 따뜻하고 이쁜데, 코디 상 하이웨스트 필수일 것 같아요! 입으면 여리여리해보이고 귀엽기도 해서 편하게 여성스러운 코디를 할 수 있을 것 같아요
부직포 같을까봐 걱정했는데 역시나 제 생각이 맞았어요ㅜㅜ 부직포 같아요... 그래도 이쁘고 부드럽네여ㅎㅎ 코디 그대로 샀는데 이쁩니당~ 잘입을게요!ㅜㅜ
재질이 따듯하게 입기 딱 좋네요 마감도 좋고 너무 두껍지도 너무 얍지도 않게 스커트에 넣어입으면 너무 이쁜 가디건입니다. 완전 만족이에여~ ㅎㅎ
ペンシルがスリム~~ 小さいポーチにも入るので携帯が簡単。目の周りに油分が多いタイプなのでペンシルだと滲みがちT 今回のペンシル商品は..神です。一緒に送ってくれたコンパクトミラーもスリムで持ち歩くにもいいと思います。
ニキビ肌ではないけど、ニキビの跡が少し残っているくらいです。これ使ったら跡もずいぶん薄くなったし、美肌と言われましたTTT 後悔しません、いますぐ買ってみてください、みなさん!!!!
はあ...色のイメージとは全然違いますねTT あんな色が出ないところか、一般的なコーラル色もよくわからない..どう塗ったらいいか、何と混ぜて塗ったらいいか見当もつきません。がっかりです。ピンク色はどうしてもわからない。ただのトーンダウンしたコーラルでもない、ただのオレンジっぽい色...

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